NIWA was formed in 1990 and strives to promote information services throughout Namibia. NIWA is open to all information workers and information institutions in Namibia. Join NIWA and collaborate with others to strengthen the association and enjoy the benefits of working with a dedicated and like-minded network. Become a personal or institutional member today.

Our Team

Our Objectives

  • To unite all information workers in Namibia in an autonomous and representative body.
  • To make and maintain contact with relevant international and national organizations.
  • To raise the level of expertise of information workers by offering training seminars, workshop and other relevant activities.
  • To advise academic institutions involved in training information workers in curriculum development.

  • Chairperson

    Ms. Namutenya Hamwaalwa

  • Vice-Chairperson

    Ms. Hertha Iipinge

  • Secretary

    Ms. Foibe Shaambeni

  • Assistant Secretary

    Mr. Hamilton Sikwana

  • Treasurer

    Ms. Aletta Dunn

  • The Editor

    Mr. Ishmael Mafale

  • Additional Member

    Mr. Joel Kavetuna